I really enjoyed this conference and received a lot of good information, keep up the excellent job.

This is an annual breath of fresh air, then it is back to boring 1 hour, poorly delivered didactics at my institution.

The short 20-30 min lecture format worked well.  More tips by experts, less basic stuff.  

So much fun!  First time at this conference, great experience, education and wellness.  

Amal Mattu was great as a lecturer/teacher, he gets a 6 on your sale of 1-5.

Hackett's talk was one of the best I've heard in my career!

“Smooth and competent organization.”

“I really appreciated the academic expertise and training in physiology to treatments.  This was a consistently intellectually challenging and pertinent conference.  It felt like being in med school again – the information presented in lectures was often stuff I need to chew on to digest later after reviewing the material.  Kudos on keeping us awake, interested, challenged and on our toes.  I will highly recommend this conference to my colleagues.”

“Loved the airway and USS workshops”

“Loved being on the mountain”

“Really good conference in beautiful location.  Availability of simulation (dummy) classes allowed one to practice infrequently done procedures.  Staff was supportive and provided a positive learning environment”

“This was a very well done conference.  I appreciate the amazing speakers, resources, cutting edge material at an economical price.  Thank you!!”

“Conference was great.  Enjoyed topics, well run and organized.”

“Good teachers are remembered for a long time.  Thank you for your efforts”

“Always an excellent conference.  Speakers are knowledgeable and experienced.  So much of what they see and deal with is beyond what my small ER sees/handles (and I’m grateful for that) but interesting to see what can be done and how the “crème of the crop” handle things.”

“I am a PA who is starting to practice EM part-time.  I found this course and wanted to take the opportunity to immense myself in a well-rounded EM conference.  All presenters were amazing and totally passable.  I am excited to transition from a surgical specialty into emergency medicine.  See you next year.  Great conference!”

“Excellent conference, took multiple things away.  SIM course/faculty was excellent.  We don’t have access to SIM so this was very good.  Venue was good… Breck > Copper Mtn.  Variety of faculty was excellent.  This was my 1st time attending but will be back.”

"Totally impressive how things are presented and faculty and attendees do interact.”